Is Church Marketing Biblical?

Not sure if church marketing is the way to go?

We understand because frankly we’ve wrestled with the same question ourselves. For the ministry-minded it’s uncomfortable to view evangelism from a marketing perspective – and rightly so, after all we’re not selling Jesus.  However, we are compelled by scripture to connect & communicate with our world for the purpose of sharing a message. Mark 16:15 Luke 14:23

Church Marketing = connecting & communicating

Generally marketing is about convincing an audience to buy or do something, but effective church marketing is more about truly connecting & effectively communicating with your community.  Connecting is more than simply drawing attention to ourselves momentarily, and communicating is more than just making facts available.  Jesus’ own life & ministry were a shining example of how to effectively connect with people and communicate in a deep and meaningful way.

Jesus made a personal connection with people when He spoke to them.  As the King of Glory robed in flesh, He has quite an advantage on us, but there is much we can learn from His earthly ministry.  Whether to His disciples or the multitudes, Christ frequently spoke in parables – stories relevant to the lives of His audience. In doing so He effectively engaged His audience & conveyed His message at their level of understanding.

Paul became ‘all things to all men’ 1 Corinthians 9:19-22, and with-out compromising the Gospel, was able to truly connect with his audience.  A master communicator, Paul frequently referenced scenarios right out of his audiences daily lives.  Leveraging those experiences, Paul weaves spiritual concepts into secular metaphors that are engaging & evocative, so much so that we can relate to them even today.

We have clear scriptural mandate to connect & communicate with our world, a message worth sharing and some incredible examples to follow. While church marketing isn’t strictly called out as one of the five fold ministry, it very often serves as a tool in the function of evangelism, teaching and even pastoring. Modern church marketing materials are a diverse and Biblical tool set that can enhance the ministry of any church. Without careful consideration for their outreach materials, most churches are far less effective than they could be.

We want to help churches be effective in sharing the gospel and reaching their communities. Let us know how we can help your church.