Color and Design Series: Exploring the Essential Principles

Color and Design Series: Exploring the Essential Principles

Color and Design Introduction

Two of the greatest weapons in any design ninja’s arsenal are a keen understanding of color, and a strong grasp on how to apply it in design. Color, both evocative and visceral, compels an emotional response engaging the audience both instantly and deeply. Color… is powerful.

However, color’s power is raw & primal, and with-out direction it can quickly overpower your design. Like other visual elements at a designers disposal, color is a tool that must be managed and applied purposefully to achieve its maximum effectiveness. In concert with line, form (or shapes), proportion, texture and balance, color can attract or deflect attention, infer weight & momentum, imbue mood or completely modify the meaning of a design.

Color and Design

Color and Design Series

Color and Design : Exploring the Essential Principles

Over the course of several articles we’ll uncover some of the essential principles that govern color, and explore methods of effectively leveraging color in design.

Key articles in this series will include an introduction to Color Theory, an exploration of the Color Wheel and related color schemes (primary, secondary, tertiary, complimentary, split complimentary etc), a study of the various color models (RYB, CMYK and RGB), a look at defining the difference between saturation and value (tints, tones, and shades), a discussion on color psychology & color meanings, and collections of HTML color codes, color scheme tools and other color & design related resources & inspiration.

The Color and Design article series avoids the extensive complexities of mathematical color science (mathematical formulas & physics), and focuses more on the essential principles of color and design that relate most directly to how designers use color in our work.

I hope you enjoy reading the series as much as I have enjoyed collecting the data and writing the articles.

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