Should I include my logo text using ‘alt’ or CSS?

Should I include my logo text using ‘alt’ or CSS?


If you have a company logo on your site, what is the best way to include the text of the logo for SEO purposes? ALT tag, CSS hiding, or does it matter? – Richard M, Austrialia

Use ‘alt tag’ or CSS to label your logo?

In short, Yes, use the ‘alt tag’ or the alternative text tag to add text to your logo or any other image for that matter.

In detail, Search engines love to see alternative text being utilized in images and hate to see hidden text in any way, shape, or form. I recommend keeping your alternative text very simple and to the point around 3-4 words but remember to add some relevant keywords within your images alt text as well – always keep search engines in mind along with users.

Why use the ALT tag in your image?

  1. It’s Search Engine friendly – search engines, especially Google, have gotten very smart at catching ‘black hat’ type SEO tricks and hate to see them in any part of your website. They do however love to see correct ways of optimization and will value your website higher in the long run if you do everything correctly. With that said, USE ALT TEXT because search engines love to see all images, including your logo, have them in place plus it does add value to your site.
  2. Generate traffic from Image Search- I don’t know about you but I love Google Image Search and use it on a daily basis to find great, relevant images for my particular need. Supply your images with alternative text will give you that extra boost you might need for your images to start showing up in image search ultimately generating more traffic for you. Weather it’s a church website or a personal blog, always use alt text.
  3. It’s Simple & Easy to use – I know that CSS hiding is NOT hard but neither is using the ALT tag in your images. In fact, it actually takes less time to add some good alternative text than it does hiding some text via CSS. Another cool feature about the alt tag is ANYONE CAN USE IT – that’s right, anyone! If you can add an image via HTML you can add alternative text (see below for reference). If your using a CMS (Content Management System) be sure to utilize the Alternative Text option – it’s super easy!

So, How do I add alt text to my images?

Easy, just use the codex below:

  • <img src="boat.gif" alt="Big Boat" />

When adding an image just add the alt=” ” to your HTML and remember to put unique alternative text for each image between the ” “.

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