Multiple H1 Header Tags: Good or Bad?

Multiple H1 Header Tags: Good or Bad?


More than one H1 on a page: good or bad? – Erin, south of Boston

Is more than one H1 header tag good or bad?

In short, bad!

There are two main reason why you should only have one <h1> header tag in place per page:

  1. Better for SEO – I recommend having only one <h1> header tag per page and one <h2> header tag utilizing those two for your target keywords without keyword stuffing either of them. If you have more than two sections on one page, follow those up with <h3>’s and <h4>’s as needed and remember you can style them via CSS to look excatly like your <h1> and <h2>’s if you wish. Keep search engines and visitors in mind when using header tags.
  2. Style – Header tags were created for style and anyone that’s been around web development at all knows that multiple h1’s on your page looks horrible when CSS is disabled – hence the reason why there are h2, h3, h4, etc. Don’t forget that you do have header tags beyond h1 & h2!
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