What’s new in WordPress 3.2?

What’s new in WordPress 3.2?

Yup, it’s been nearly three months since WordPress 3.1 but it’s that time again for another update with some hopefully great new features.

I always love the new features that come out but also find myself reluctant to update in fear plugins & themes will break. But, at the end of the day, it’s always worth updating so you can be 100% secure and take advantage of all the great features WP has to offer.

So, what’s new in WP 3.2

  • Performance Improvements – faster, better & more awesome!
  • Distraction-Free Writing – apparently the visual editor’s full-screen mode is getting updated and will now include HTML mode as well. I never use full-screen mode so not sure this is a big one for me.
  • Admin UI Refresh – Yes, yet another Admin UL update. It was redesigned in 2008 but we know 3.2 will include a minor facelift.
  • New Default Theme – Twenty Eleven will now be based on the popular Duster Theme which includes rotating header images, post format support and supposedly a lot more.
  • Better Admin Bar – This will now include more links to make it more useful than ever. No specific details yet however.
  • Browse Happy – WordPress will now work with modern browsers but will no longer support Internet Explorer 6. This does not hurt my feelings, at all!

That’s about it! Although I’m excited to see some of these changes, it seems this update is a little shallow. Nevertheless, I still love WordPress!

What are your thoughts on WordPress 3.2?

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