5 Great Screen Capture Solutions for Ministry

5 Great Screen Capture Solutions for Ministry

Five of the best screen capture programs available

We’ve all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousands words” which is why so many people spend hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars investing in cameras, camcorders and such.

But, as time progresses, the digital world is increasingly going online and the inevitable question arises “How do I capture my online images/pictures with my computer?” That’s exactly what I’d like to show you today, five of the best screen capture programs out there so you can capture your online digital world within seconds and without spending a lot of money.

1) FastStone Screen Capture

Faststone Screen CapturePossibly my personal favorite screen capture program available online today mainly because it’s so simple, minimal, and clean but still includes all the power you need in any screen capture software. Screen grab anything you see on you computer screen and save it in any format you can possibly think of. FastStone also includes some very easy to use image editing tools so you can do almost anything you want with your screen shot right within FastStone.

This option will cost you $20 but if you plan on doing a lot of screen capturing, it’s worth every penny!

2) Snagit, TechSmith’s Screen Capture Software

I am very impressed with Snagit from TechSmith – it is very flexible, intuitive and quite powerful. However, in some cases, it seems to be too heavy with features and options especially when all your needing in a quick screen shot and maybe a couple markups here and there. In the same token, I feel TechSmith does a beautiful job presenting all these features in a user friendly manner where it’s not hard or complicated to learn but sometimes, little is better.

If you’re looking for a power and simple to use screen shot program I would highly recommend Snagit from TechSmith, yes it’s a little higher than the rest but you get tons of options and features with that investment.

3) Windows Vista Snipping Tool

  • Website: www.windows.microsoft.com
  • Pricing: $0.00/FREE with windows vista & 7
  • Free Trial: No, App is FREE
  • Works With: Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • S1 Rating: 3/5

Windows Snipping ToolThe screen capture tool in windows vista is really all the average user would ever need for screen capture but I honestly prefer not to use it for a couple reasons. For one, I’m not to fond on the overall functionality of the tool and how it saves by default but mainly I prefer a screen capture that has editing functionality along with the screen capture. However, when I first seen this tool when I got Windows Vista my mouth dropped because I thought it was so cool that a screen capture program came along with an operating system, for free.

If you’re looking for something simple and FREE, I would definitely recommend the Snipping Tool on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

4) FireShot with FireFox

FireShot is the best browser screen capture add-on I’ve used yet because it contains three core foundations usability, flexibility and affordability. The only down-fall of FireShot is it is JUST a browser screen capture add-on to FireFox which is not really a BIG deal since you should be using FireFox or Chrome anyhow. To get rolling with this forth screen capture add-on just install FireFox and then install FireShot add-on and keep in mind it’s all FREE!

5) Jing – Add visuals to your online conversations

  • Website: http://www.jingproject.com/
  • Pricing: $0/FREE
  • Free Trial: No, program is FREE
  • Works With: Widows XP, Vista & MAC OS X
  • S1 Rating: 4/5

Jing is another work of art from TechSmith and is very new to me but after downloading I was absolutely floored at how easy the program is to use without cutting out functionality – course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from TechSmith.

This is MORE than just a screen capture program but I had to include it because the screen capture functionality is superb. This program is FREE and allows you to capture your screen and save it as a picture or take a video, again, these are both super EASY to use. You have the choice to either save it to your desktop, upload to ScreenCast.com, upload via FTP or edit it in Snagit! Download Jing Now!

Where can my church use a screen capture program?

  • PowerPoints – Even smaller churches have a projector now days that outline upcoming events, news and such. Use a screen capture software to capture any online examples, websites, images, etc. and integrate them into your PowerPoint presentation to make it more dynamic, interesting and unique.
  • Fliers & Other Media – Take your church fliers and church media to a higher level by leveraging a screen capture tool.
  • Websites – I can not tell you how many times I use my screen capture program for my website – it adds a quick unique and personal feel to a page.
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