Twitter for Churches: How to Use Twitter

Twitter for Churches: How to Use Twitter

What is Twitter

Twitter BirdTwitter is an online social networking service for friends, family and strangers to stay connected, updated and communicate quickly on a tweet by tweet basis. Twitter enables fast communication of practically anything including your updates, new tools, and answers to questions you may have.

Use twitter to keep anyone and everyone updated about new church events, special services, links to cool tools, links to your blog posts and much more. To keep your online audience updated, use Twitter!

How to Use Twitter

Step 1 – Create an Account

First we must sign up for a free twitter account. You will find this process is very easy, simple & short – which is how twitter loves doing things. Go ahead and enter your full name, choose a password and enter your email but before you click create my account – choose a Username. I recommend using a username very close to your website name to stay consistent. For example, would have the username ‘tlcyouthgroup’ but keep in mind that not all usernames are available so see what’s available and enter a Username, then click Create my account.

To find people you are already connected to through Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, & MSN just enter your email and password.

Twitter Find & Follow Friends

Step 2 – Create Your First Tweet!

One of the coolest features of Twitter is the 140 character limit which keeps updates short and simple for your followers. You can find your character counter in the top right hand corner of your page – you’ll want to watch this to ensure your tweet is short enough.

Twitter Character Counter

Go ahead and enter your first tweet. Below you can see I added “Hello Everyone, welcome to the TLCYouth Twitter – please feel free to follow!” – then click the update button.

Twitter Create A Post

Step 3 – Finding & Following People

Use the search function by clicking ‘Find People’ and search for others that tweet about similar things as you do, for example other churches, youth groups and church related people. To follow someone simply click the follow button on their account homepage. You can remove this person later if you would like.

Twitter Following

Step 4 – Manage Your Profile

After you have gotten the feel of Twitter, it’s now time to customize your profile, which is really easy to do by clicking Settings in the top right hand corner.

Twitter Manage Profile

From you’re profile page you can add a little about yourself, change password, add mobile devices, manage notice settings and upload a profile image & background. I recommend customizing your profile much as possible to match your current church website. Add your logo as your profile picture and if you have the availability create a custom background as well.

Twitter Profile Settings

Step 5 – Post Regularly

The idea around twitter is to tweet on a regular basis about anything that pertains to your church events and resources you may find. I recommend creating a ‘tweeting structure’ that you can use on a daily basis. This will one, make it faster to create tweets and two, make your tweets look clean and in form. Refer to SanctuaryOne’s Twitter as an example.

That’s a wrap…

Overall, creating and using a Twitter account is simple, easy and truly a fun way to create an online social network that WILL drive traffic to your church website. If you have any questions on Twittering, please feel free to comment below.

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