Why Churches Should Use Twitter

Why Churches Should Use Twitter

Wait, What is Twitter again?

Twitter is like a huge bulletin board where users can make post about anything they want in 140 characters or less. Most users post tweets about what they are doing, cool websites they found and want to share, quick announcements, news, and much more.

Churches and company’s alike are jumping into this new social network and taking advantage of the user connections, relationships and fan base it creates around their particular brand.

Why Churches Should Use Twitter

Church Social Network1) Creates a social network

Businesses, freelancers, and everyday people alike are using the power of twitter to create traffic through networking, so why shouldn’t churches do the same?

Taking your social network online with twitter will drive traffic to your site and even more importantly will drive possible local visitors to your church. Weather one is an internet guru or not, people each day are signing up for twitter. Dive-In and take your church to the next level with Twitter.

2) It’s Interactive

Twitter is all about sharing thoughts, ideas, tools and updates about various items to your followers, in short, it’s very interactive but has the potential to contact many. When you make a tweet you don’t just talk to one or two people but you are sharing that thought with everyone that is following you and people like that interaction!

Your church needs online interaction if you’re going to target the online audience just like you need offline interaction if you’re going to target the offline audience.

3) Promote Your Church Events

Speaking of interaction – we all know how hard it is to promote church events and to actually get existing members andĀ visitorsĀ alike to them. Twitter can help. Once you’ve created interaction you can easily promote church events in just 140 characters or less and as much as you’d like.

4) Can Help Build Relationships

Let’s face it, people visit churches all the time but what turns them from a visitor to a member is that connection of a relationship.

No matter the size or faith of your local church – there is a need to connect and have a relationship with your local congregation which, I’ll admit, can be somewhat challenging.

Leverage your church twitter account to your advantage to help create and grow that relationship with your visitors and current members. Share important links and thoughts with them, tweet praise reports, send out ‘Thank You’ tweets and just make everyone following you on your church’s twitter account feel a special connection that they couldn’t find elsewhere.

5) It’s Fast & Easy to Use!

Anything done on a daily basis must be able to be completed quickly & easily – Twitter is fast & easy! With a 140 character limit you can tweet two times a day and still not invest over 10 minutes for both tweets.


So let’s say you go on outreach for a special service and you pass out 400 tracks in 5 hours, which is HARD work. You could do the same type of advertising, online via twitter, and advertise to your entire church twitter community in less than 5 minutes. Also, if you can write a simple email, you can use twitter.Yes, it’s that easy.

This is not to say you shouldn’t still do face-to-face advertising, but why limit your church to JUST tracks and paper invitations when doing it online via Twitter doesn’t take much more time or cost ANY money?

6) It’s Free & Fun

I must say Twitter is addicting and who hates free advertising? Use Twitter to your advantage by tweeting about church events, successes, ideas, updates, invitations, and cool new discovery’s. Twitter is also fun because you’re able to see what others are thinking and new tools they find.

Why Not?!

Twitter is free, fast and very easy to do but also creates a wonderful social network for your church or organization, why not use it?

Being directly involved with my local churches evangelism ministry I understand how expensive and time consuming it can be to outreach to others. With that said, why not use Twitter for your church to leverage yet another outreach method for your evangelism ministry.

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